Partnership with SECUREmedia

I haven’t been keeping this a secret, and I think I’ve mentioned it to most of you, but we have signed a partnership with SECUREmedia! The text of the announcement is as follows:

It’s time for the next chapter in Monad’s story.

With your support we have grown over the years - organically, one step at a time, and always being careful to deliver what we promised and not overstretch ourselves. The system has developed, staying true to its simple and flexible core and adding more and more advanced functionality along the way, and the business has grown, from the first days as a one-man-band to our current team.
I’m proud to have made it this far, and it’s time to join forces with someone who will help us grow even further. To continue the next stage of this journey I am delighted to announce a joint venture with an organisation that has vast amounts of experience in ticketing.

SECUREmedia is a company that produces tickets for an impressive range of clients small and large and works very closely with thermal ticket printer hardware manufacturers and offers full support to its clients in all aspects of tickets. The introduction of Monad gives them the opportunity to offer customers a full turnkey solution in all aspects of modern box office requirements - they can sell a complete box office solution, with the system, the physical tickets, the ticket printers, the scanners all sourced from and supported by a single supplier.

From our end this new partnership will allows us to gain further reach in promoting the Monad brand and to allow us more time to develop and improve the system.

With effect from the 1st August, SECUREmedia will become responsible for all sales and support while retaining the Monad Ticketing brand. You’ll be talking to the same excellent support team using the same contact detail and working with the same internal systems; all that will change is the name on the invoice. You will still be able to contact me directly, and the service will continue to improve as we recruit more people to the support team. Monad Software Ltd will remain responsible for system development and hosting.

In the short term I personally will be doing more support, training new staff and helping with new customers as we build up the team. In the longer term, this change will pave the way for more exciting new features, even better performance, an improved software environment, and a system that’s simpler, faster and more flexible than ever.

We expect that our relationship will become even stronger as a result of this change, and we hope you agree.

If you have any concerns or issues please do let me know, in the meantime again thank you for your support.

I’m going to start emailing everyone individually now.

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