Opt-out Marketing Lists

Well, I still don’t think it’s a good idea, but in the next version you can have opt-out marketing lists:

The logic is that accounts are added to the opt-out lists when they complete their first order:

We don’t want to opt people in when the account is created, because people might create an account but not place and order. Also accounts can be created through integrations which would make that awkward.

And we don’t want to opt people in after every order, or they’d have to keep opting out all the time.

So after your first order, you get added to any opt-out lists, and immediately get the chance to opt-out on the order confirmation page, and after that they work just like normal permission lists.

I find this a bit confusing as a user, in the example you’ve shown, there isn’t an “opt out” tick button, so it’s not really clear that they are opted out automatically. Should this not be clearly shown, so that if they do want to receive emails it’s clear they need to opt back in?

The question is entirely up to you. “May we email you” is a terrible question that’s in the demo database because I’ve never updated it. A more sensible question would be something like

“I would like to be kept up to date about upcoming events and other news by email”

And then it’s clear that if it’s ticked you would, and if it’s unticked you wouldn’t.

The only difference this new functionality makes is possible that the box defaults to ticked so the customer has to untick it if they DON’T want the emails.

I’ve just found my notes on this and they say:

“Under EECR Privacy & Electronic Communication regulation soft opt-in for ELECTRONIC COMMS only for similar products”

SO you should only use the “Opt Out Permission” list type for electronic comms for similar products, and not for other product types or for post or other contact channels.

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