Next Update

On reflection, I think I’m going to save the next upgrade until the new year:

It will contain:


  • Update to folder display defaults so you can set defaults for Space, Venue and Genre labels
  • The ability to prompt for a package code as part of package completion, so that you can have products that require packages that require codes for super secret on-sales
  • A new “What’s On” control with Genre filtering.
  • Update performance run now includes new options (copy allocations, copy seating plans) and MUCH more flexible targeting (target all performances with same parent, all performances in same show, all performances in a folder selection)

Bug Fixes

  • A fix to creating new marketing lists
  • A fix to creating a new customer supplying only an email address
  • Fixed error handling for reports that return no results
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Yes @Cockpit_Akilah , you’ll be able to update the capacities and allocations in a performance run without us having to run a script for you =)

Ha! You read my mind. =o)

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