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New Mailchimp Integration

We’ve been rebuilding our Mailchimp integation and it’s at the point where we are ready to start talking to people about helping us test it.

So - what’s changed, and what’s new?

First of, the basic functionality is still there, just working against Mailchimp’s v3 API instead of their v2 API - which so far it seems more reliable, and less likely to just fail to sync without telling us why.

This means that you can set up a marketing permission List in Monad which is linked to your Mailchimp Audience, and everyone who signs up to Mailchimp gets added to the Monad List, and every who ticks the permission box in Monad gets added to Mailchimp - just as it worked before. And you can drag a Monad List to that Mailchimp integration, and it will create a tag (or static segment) in Mailchimp for all the members of that Monad List who are in the Mailchimp Audience - just as it did before.

The first thing that’s new is that we now support multiple Mailchimp Audiences - we can set up Mailchimp Audiences as separate integrations (they can be on the same Mailchimp account, or different ones), side by side:

and then they show up as separate targets in Lists

But in addition to the standard tagging functionality, we now also have a full Mailchimp eCommerce integration. This means that every night we send Mailchimp data about all the transactions that occurred that day, so on the Member profile in Mailchimp you can view their purchase history:

and in Mailchimp, we can trigger a Marketing Automation flow when a particular product is purchased:

Similarly, we are now tracking Abandonded Baskets - where someone adds items to their basket, and then logs off or times out without making a purchase - and this data is also sent to Mailchimp, so you can trigger a Marketing Automation based on abandoned baskets.

We haven’t finished putting all the UI polish on yet, but the underlying mechanisms seem to work - let us know if you’d like to get early access to try them out, and help us find any remaining bugs whilst we’re at it.

Yes please, I would like to be involved more with the Mailchimp integration… It appears that some integration has caused anomalies with our Monad database recently but the easier it is to (almost as it were) combine the two, the better for us. We only have one ‘audience’ but multiple tags in Mailchimp. The ability to create more tags relating to sales and, as you have mentioned, lost baskets, would be of great interest to us when profiling our audiences. Thanks,

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