New General Reports

Hello All

We noticed that we had a lot of reports, under the general reports tab, which did more or less the same thing and were titled ambiguously. So we have done some ‘tidying’ of these. Better titled versions of the reports, (in our opinion), now exist and there shouldn’t be any reports which are duplicates of one another. I will change the report documentation in due course to reflect the new names, but for the time being here is a reference :

Old Report Name New Report Name
Audience List Audience List Summary with Seats
Product Seat Details And Full Details of All Seats In A Product Seat List for Product
Event Ticket Details Audience List Detail with worksheets by Customer, Order Date, and Seat.
Event Ticket Details By Customer Audience List Details By Customer
Event Ticket Details By Order Audience List Details By Order
Event Ticket Details By Seat Audience List Details By Seat
Event Ticket Summary Audience List Summary with quantity
Folder Seat Details Seat List for Folder

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