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More Track and Trace

Would there be any value in having a box office / event access control system integrate with NHS Track and Trace? So that when you scan your ticket for entry you are also automatically “checked in” to the venue?

I’m not saying this is possible - I’m just trying to work out if this is anything anybody wants before I start working on how it might work.

I think there are 3 possible approaches -

  1. Putting your “check in” QR code on ticket stock or etickets to make checking in easier
  2. Somehow automatically sending the check in code to the app on each visitor’s phone when their ticket is scanned.
  3. Instantly sending data to an NHS web service of some kind when a ticket is scanned

I don’t think 3 is possible or a good idea at all.

I think 2 might be a good idea but might not be possible; I think it would require changes to the NHSX App which which they might not be interested in making.

I think 1 is definitely possible, but there is a question as to whether allowing the check in poster to exist anywhere other than the walls of your building is a bad idea.

Even by September 2021 and Covid (hopefully) being a thing of the past, I am sure that it would be advantageous to have a system which confirms who has physically checked into an event and a record viewed via an Excel column in the admin’s access to past events. Even that isn’t 100% proof as someone may have taken another’s ticket at the last minute… Not all our visitors use mobile phones so that would not apply to RAF (we have some really senior citizens in this neck of the woods). Agree that option 3 would not be good - we might be accused of passing confidential information on a person to a third party…

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