Membership Photos

It came up in a demo the other day, so: I’m adding the facility to upload/capture images to custom forms.

This means that we can get a photo of a member when they sign up, and then potentially print that on a membership card, in case there’s a problem with people sharing membership cards around to get free tickets or just because it looks nice.

And it’s basically working. I’ve got the “just upload a file” bit going, which involves all the complicated plumbing, and the THINK that the way I’ve done it will also work with cameras on Android and iOS devices. Making PC webcams work requires slightly more jiggerypokery I believe.

Once this capability is on Custom Forms we can use it on ANY custom for (not just order item - show, performance, venue, user, etc) but I think at this stage it makes most sense if it’s a property of the membership purchase transaction, and not the membership user account.

Like this:

Also, we can now:

  1. Scan a barcode with a member’s membership code on it to select that member
  2. When we select a member by scanning a barcode, we can select the next performance in our default folder, and if there is a 100% membership discount on that product, instantly sell the member a ticket.

So if you have the kind of membership scheme for e.g. an exhibition where members get a free ticket, you can just scan the card, and a ticket will print.

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