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I’m just going over some feedback about the difficulty of members only pre-sales. There are bits of it that we do well (if you add a membership to your basket it instantly unlocks the products), but if someone who is a member and is not logged in is browsing the site and everything is off sale, they get confused.

The items never get into the basket, so we need a way of communicating “you have to log in to proceed” rather than letting them add the items to the basket and blocking them at checkout if they fail to log in as a member. The problem is that we can’t work that out from the on-sale scheme - you might have a performance that’s on sale to trade or via agencies but not the public, and you don’t want to be announcing that to the public.

Slapping progressively more instruction text in their faces clearly isn’t helping.


@2MFinfo - the discussion will be here =)

Looking forward to ideas! Liz @2MFinfo

Could we add a checkbox to the onsale scheme rule to say “display login prompt to public”

then where we find rules that match our status, we also add rules that have the prompt=1

I know that I literally only just added folder level terminology for things like the “not on sale” status, but now looking at this I think it belongs in the On Sale Scheme.

If the on sale scheme has rules

  1. Visible to the public from the 1st July - performance date
  2. On Sale to benefactors from 1st July - performance date
  3. On Sale to associates from 7th July - performance date
  4. On Sale to friends from 15th July - performance date
  5. On Sale to public from 21st July - performance date


I has written this but not quite finished posting and your post arrived =)

So - to document the phone call - this is ONLY an issue when something is visible but not on sale to the public, and is on sale to members. If it’s not visible to the public, we don’t have a product with a status to prompt on.

And the prompt needs to be “log in” rather than “buy a membership”, because the buyers we really care about are already members.

So basically it’s another tick box in the on-sale scheme rule for “Visible to the public” that says “prompt to log in”.
A product that was visible to everyone and on sale to no one for a week in advance would obviously not want such a prompt.

Ah, @Tickettattle, glad you could join us! How does the rest of the world solve the “displaying tickets that are not on sale to the public but might be on sale to you if you log in, if you’re a member” problem?

They show a description that says just that, with dates and attributes for release… Ie

gold members (15/8) [CALL TO ACTION JOIN SCHEME]
Loyalty Card Holders with ? 1500 points (16/8)

Actually, I think what we really need to solve the problem is a bit sideways.

We need to make logins persistent. Like being logged into Facebook, you don’t have to log in again when you come back to the site, there’s a token in the cookie.

We made logins expire with sessions because we were thinking primarily about the sessions. The session - the basket - is what tickets go into, and the session needs to expire so that other people can get the tickets. And right now, your session is what gets logged in, and if your session expires, you need to log in again. If we find a valid authentication token that doesn’t match your session, we throw away the authentication token and make you start again. What we short do is log the session in the match the authentication token.

That way, members stay logged in. When they buy a membership the log in, and when they come back to the site a year later, they are still logged in, and can automatically see all the membership benefits.

Unless they’re on a different device, of course.

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