Live Server Status

We’ve been trialling UpTimeRobot to monitor the servers for a while now, and I’m basically happy with it. Whilst I am slightly nervous about exposing the monitor to the world, it feels like the right thing to do in terms of transparency. If I find myself having to spend too much time explaining to people why there was downtime at 3:00am that you wouldn’t have noticed had it not been for the monitoring system I’ll just make it private again =)


If you REALLY REALLY want me to I can add your email address to the alert list for your site so that you get an email when it goes down, but

  1. If it’s a “live” problem (in the middle of the day) we’ll already know about it because we’ll have got the email at the same time as you
  2. If it’s an “maintenance window” problem (us upgrading the server in the middle of the night) then we already know it’s down because we did it on purpose, and you might wake up to a mailbox full of scary emails that actually don’t indicate a problem but some routine reboots.

So my recommendation would be to not.

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