Lightspeed Integration

I’m happy to announce that our integration with the point of sale system is up and running at

We’ve been meaning for a long time to build an integration with a dedicated POS system. Monad has a POS system built in, which An Lanntair in particular make use of to run their gift shop, integrating ticket sales with books, postcards, merchandise, and other products, but there are things that a 100% dedicated POS system can do that we cannot, and it was never our intent to compete with systems that did only POS all day every day.

We have a number of integration points:

  • For customer present transactions, you can add the tickets to a basket in Monad, and then pay for the ticket alongside shop items within Lightspeed, and have the transaction automatically complete in Monad
  • When memberships are sold, the membership status is transferred automatically from Monad to Lightspeed
  • When shop items are sold, the order history is transferred automatically from Lightspeed to Monad.

This means that Lightspeed can be used to optimize usability and speed in a customer present context, whilst allowing Monad to remain as the main CRM source of truth with a complete record of all of a customer’s interactions.

If you are interested in integrating your point-of-sale operation with Monad ticketing, please get in touch to find out more!

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