Images in Archived folders

I’m thinking of trimming Images from Archived folders to keep the size of the backups down.

Large backups make all manner of support tasks slower - it’s really annoying waiting to download a database into a development environment to debug a problem when you know that that database is 3/4 made up of images for shows which are never going to happen again.

At the moment we remove delivery documents where:

  1. The document was delivered more than a month ago and the performance was more than a month ago OR
  2. The document was delivered more than 6 months ago and the product is not a performance OR
  3. The document was created more than 6 months ago and has not been delivered yet OR
  4. The folder has been archived.

So I think the rules for folder images should be we remove images from folders where:

  1. The folder is inactive, and the performance / show was more than 1 month ago
  2. The folder has been archived.

I’d clean this up as a weekly job, so it wouldn’t be the case that the moment you archived an old folder the images went away. But once a folder was archived the image might be cleaned up by automated maintenance.

Any option for a ‘I’m not dead yet’ box to stop select events being included in the auto sweep? We have a few things that happen quartlery/bi-annually etc (basically less than once a month, but a few times a year) where we might want to revive an event that seems to be dead but isn’t. We quite often archive these to stop the tree getting cluttered (or just because they get caught in an ‘archive past performance’ sweep) and then dig them out and bring them back later on. Not that having to re-upload an image for an old show would be the end of the world…

Et voila:

(The “Preserved” flag)

Also note the “focus” on the images and the FocusX and FocusY properties. This is now used when we have to crop an image to make it match the site’s aspect ratio: the cropping is performed centered on the focus, so we’re less likely to lose the important part of an image.

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