Good, Cheap, Fast

I just saw this on Facebook

and it occurred to me it might make a better strap line than “Simple / Flexible / Fast”. Because that mythically impossible trinity is actually what we’re doing.


when i see something advertised as cheap i usually think poor quality - i just don’t believe it, and don’t trust it. same as “value” means basic (tesco’s value, america’s best value inn)


I prefer to find the product or service i want (in terms of quality or features) and then try to find the best price for it.

also with marketing speak “good” is no longer that good, i think people expect “great” or “industry leading” or “world class”. I would worry with “good, cheap, fast” people would read “good enough for basic needs”.

I would guess that when looking at ticketing systems people want it to be simple to use, flexible enough to do what they want to do and fast, and that means it’s good. then having found a few good systems they might choose the cheapest.