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Gift Aid Declaration

Last month we made an update on the Gift Aid declaration process, details of the change are below, but first, a quick recap on Gift Aid Declarations.

How do Gift Aid Declarations work?

When setting up a Donation Recipient in the Admin > Setup area you are given the option of enabling Gift Aid.

You can then attach the Donation Recipient to a Donation Scheme:

The Donation Scheme can then be linked to any number of products. The first time a customer purchases a product linked to a Donation Scheme with Gift Aid enabled they are presented with a Gift Aid declaration form.

The form captures all the information required for your accounts teams to be able to process Gift Aid claims on donations. the standard system report Donation - Gift Aid Schedule pulls it out in the required format:

Once completed the system will no longer ask the customer to complete the Gift Aid declaration for any future donations they make. It will refer back to the previously held record.

Additionally, the customer or operator may access the user profile at any time to update a declaration.

So what is the change to the process, I hear you cry?

Previously we set an end date for Gift Aid declarations as six years after the donation was made. This was based on the required time that you MUST keep a record of the declaration according to

You can however keep the declaration on record UNTIL the customer comes back to you to tell you that their circumstances have changed, e.g. they are no longer a UK taxpayer and are no longer eligible.

The change we’ve made in the system means that when someone completes a Gift Aid declaration, it will now automatically have an end date of 100 years.

This does not affect existing records, they will continue to end at the original date set at the time the declaration was made or updated. If you would like us to update your existing records to have the same 100-year end date, pop us an email to and we will update your database accordingly.

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