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GDPR Privacy Policy

I was just reading this

and it mentioned this as an example of a good privacy policy:

and it’s a theatre so it’s even relevant!

I’m going to read it in detail and check whether there’s anything in it that a Monad customer wouldn’t be able to say, but it looks like a good source for copy & pasting to me.

Yeah, looks like the whole thing could be happily lifted =)

Interesting read, thanks.

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Of course, it doesn’t matter how clear and concise they are, still no one’s going to read them! I wrote a comment on that Bloomberg piece:

“It doesn’t matter if the T&Cs are too boring for a non-lawyer to read. The way that T&Cs work in real life is that they are ignored by 99.999% of people, but if they contain something really egregious - for example that Eventbrite thing where they claimed the right to attend your event, record it, and own the copyright on that recording and could do with it whatever they liked * - then the 1 in 100000 person who does read the T&Cs will publicize that, and get them changed.”

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