GDPR and Marketing Functions

One of the requirements of GDPS is that you need to be able to keep a history of who signed up for what and when. Permissions must be demonstrable and granular.

For example, you can’t just create a general question “Can we send you marketing stuff?”, wait for people to say “Yes”, and then change the wording to “Can we sell your details to the scummiest scammer in the land?”. If someone says yes to something, then you have to have a record that that was what they said yes to, and not some other thing.


In the next version, customer permission marketing lists will have the description field (which is where the question is recorded) READ ONLY. If you want to change the question, there is a mechanism by which you will create a new marketing list, empty, and have to start getting people to agree to the new question.

There will be a mechanism by which one question can be marked as superseding another, so that a brand new customer won’t see the old question, and someone who said no to the old question won’t see the old question: only customers who said yes to the old question and haven’t said yes to the new question yet will be able to see the old question in their profile, with a prompt to agree to the new question too, and when they do (or remove permission for the old question too), the old question does away.

Then in admin you’ll have separate lists, which you might combine (if what you’re doing is allowed until all versions of the question) or you might use separately (if only the latest version of the question gives you permission to do this thing).

Sound clear?

Also, you can set any marketing list to be logged, but logging is required for customer permission lists.

You can view the log for any logged list, seeing when people joined and left it.

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