Foyer Display Page

We’ve just built a display page for the Royal Academy of Music to display upcoming events in their foyer:

Let us know if you’d be interested in something similar.

We’ve designed it so that we get the maximum amount of flexibility over how it looks and where the content is drawn from, which means that it will be bespoke page per customer, so we need to charge for the time setting it up. But it’s built on our existing API and example scripts, so will only be 1 days chargeable time, which isn’t bad really.

@claudiahaberberg - One for the next newsletter =)

@wendy.tulloch @lauren.doughton - We talked about building one of these for you. Are you still interested? Did you just decide to make do without, or did you get one build by your web designers?

We hadn’t got anything sorted before I left - we were just using a slideshow of short videos for the foyer screen. @EstherR - are you guys still looking into this?

We would be interested in developing a what’s on slide show where we can display the event title, image, time etc. on screens around the venue. Is this RAM display page something that could be developed into that?

Yes - we could just set it to show “what’s on today” rather than a longer date range, no problem.

We could have 3 separate URLs, and each one could be configured to just show the next performance in each space - the Auditorium, the Loft, the Basement. Would that work?

It’s more of an ‘upcoming events’ marketing tool that we’re looking for - displaying a slide show for events taking place in the coming month that we can cherry pick like the hot tickets for the web carousel. The idea being to replace posters throughout the venue.

Oh, right, no problem. A carousel of upcoming events for advertising, rather than a useful list of “if you have come for the guitar masterclass it starts at N o’clock in the X room”. We can do that. I’ll email you =)

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