Facebook pixel

Will Monad integrate the FB pixel? I’ve spoken with FB and it sounds like a useful tool but only if it works on Monad of course. Worth a try or will it break the website?

I’ve never worked with Facebook adverts, but it looks quite standard:


Do you do a lot of Facebook advertising?

Sorry, that’s a “yes” =) I should at least be able to implement the base tracking pixel quickly, events might take longer.

Depends how you define a lot but yes, we do use it. We’ve got one ad running currently but I have two or three more to place this week. We’ll spend up to around £500 per month – not big in Facebook’s terms but big enough for us.

Can you email us you Facebook Pixel Id?

Right. I think that works. I’m going to upgrade you shortly… everyone else, Facebook Pixel Tracking is coming soon!

Actually there are some major internal changes we just merged in, upgrading Javascript libraries, so I won’t upgrade you just yet. Will give it a bit longer to bed in.

This is now live. Let us know how it goes…