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We use a helpdesk system to deal with email contacts to

Whilst there are many benefits to this, a downside of it is that because of the way it organises your enquiries, if you reply to an old email with a new issue, there is a good chance we will take longer to notice it.

An example would be you email us with problem A, Ben deals with it.
A month later you have problem B, so you reply to the last email in the thread to do with problem A. However Ben is now on holiday and I am only looking for new problems or problems i’m already dealing with. So I miss problem B, because it neither belongs to me, or is new, so it is not given prominence in my view of the helpdesk.

Sorry its pernickety I know, but if you have a new problem, its best to send a new email. This way we are more likely to see it sooner and get your problem sorted more quickly :slight_smile:

Also - it really helps if you only send one issue per email.

If you send an email to support@ with 12 things in it - some of which are questions support can answer straight away, some of which are development things which might take longer, and some of which are talking points for future consideration - it’s hard for us to ever mark it as “done”, which means that e.g. it shows up as an unresolved ticket for support even though they’ve done their bit.

You might feel like you’re being annoying sending 12 emails in quick succession with short questions in each - but if you do that it actually saves us a lot of trouble, which means that we can do a better job of getting quick answers to the things we can do quickly. Thanks!

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