Default Product Settings or Templates

Talking to a new customer today they asked how to set the default capacity for a GA space.

It had never occurred to me before that you can’t! You can have seating plans which imply a capacity, but for GA I sort of assumed just typing the numbers in was fine.

This feeds into a bigger discussion though about template performances and template products. Some people keep template performances and copy them to create new performances with all the defaults correctly set, as an alternative to creating them from scratch each time (which isn’t that hard, I hope!)

I can see two ways to go:

  1. Add a “default GA capacity” setting somewhere and call it a day. Continue to use ordinary copy & paste functionality to implement “templates”.

  2. Mark special products and folders as being “templates”, and when you go to create a new folder you are given the option “new from template” which creates a copy of the template folder. (same with products).

I fear that (2) which sounds quite easy might open up a massive list of other things that want templating, so that soon we have template price schemes and template discount schemes and template templates…


Venue templates would be useful to us.

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