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Daily Gross Takings

The Monad system has massive array of reports that give you your data sliced and diced in many different ways, but one of the things that I advise people not to try to get out of the system is data that involves linking individual tickets to individual payments.

That is, given a record of a ticket having been sold, don’t try too hard to be able to find out whether it was paid for by cash or card or voucher or whatever. We can approximate the value for indicitive purposes, but we can’t give a final immutable “right” answer to “how much of the income related to this show was paid by card?”

The reason for this is that we allow mixed baskets and mixed payment methods. Support I have an order which includes tickets for Show A and Show B, which was paid part by cash and part by card. I have split the payments cash and card payments between the shows, so there is a cash amount and a card amount that is in the reports for Show A and Show B. Show A has happened, been finalised and settled with the promoter… but then Show B is cancelled. When I refund the value of the Show B tickets to the credit card suddenly - and retrospectively - there’s only cash left on the transaction, the card payment has gone, and so the card amount assigned to Show A has gone down and the cash amount gone up. Even though Show A is in the past, is totally closed off, and never allowed a refund or an exchange, its figured have changed. So these figures mathematically can’t be reliable.

Instead we recommend that you ensure that the total paid adds up to the total sold, and don’t try to split the amounts futher.

I’m posting now because today I learned the name for this kind of accounting. The keyword you want to google is “Daily Gross Takings”.

and that describes the kind of accounting that you do in a retail situation - as opposed to the kind where you’re dealing with B2B transactions and invoices and payments that can be uniquely linked to invoices.

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