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Cookie Consent

Whilst lots of our themes have been built with annoying little cookie consent popups

we have only ever done this on an ad-hoc theme by theme basis.

Whilst reviewing current best-practice and legislation, it because apparent to us that this wasn’t really good enough any more. Almost also sites use Google Analytics, and it is clear that Google Analytics cookies require consent. Even though some of the cookies (like the session cookies) are strictly necessary, we can’t say “we use cookies, suck it up, if you don’t like it piss off”, because it has to be possible for someone to accept that a site uses session cookies, whilst rejecting analytics cookies.


We’ve built a new, standard cookie consent form, that is not just in the theme, but is part of the system. If it can’t find the “cookie consent accepted” cookie, it will now NOT RENDER any of the anaytics code, and instead render the cookie consent form.

If the user clicks “Accept All Cookies” then the panel closes and analytics tags are rendered. If they click “Accept Necessary Cookies Only” the panel closes and no analytics are rendered. The default wording was copied from the ICO site.

This panel can be skinned and themed and the text edited per site, so if there is a specific look and wording you require please get in touch.

These panels will go live in the next release. We normally try to make any changes we make “opt in” - they won’t have any impact until we turn them on. But this change, even though it makes a noticable difference to the public, seems important enough to us that it will be active unless you get in touch and tell us otherwise.

Is this now working on the RAF website? Happy that it should be in just the manner you have indicated - just want to confirm it to our Committee at our next meeting on Thursday…


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