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Bulk cancellation feature

This feature is now ready for testing:

I’ve named it “Mass Refund” as “Cancel” is such and overloaded term, and your options are “Back” and “REFUND ALL BOOKINGS”, which should be clear enough.

Next up - adding parameters to customise the email (customer name, order reference, amount refunded, etc.)

So - question. Most of the email generated by the system is done using XSL transforms. We start with a source XML document that represents all the data that might go into the email - e.g. an XML representation of the order, or of the membership status, etc. - and run it through XSLT to generate the HTML or PDF or other markup that we send to people.

This approach is super flexible (which is why we chose it) but also quite hard to use. For an email like this one, it would make more sense to just let people type field names like {firstname} {lastname} into the text, and replace them with the real values.

Pro - that would be easier to use
Con - that would mean we had two completely different email generating systems running side by side.

Anyone have an opinion?

(Right now - the email is just HTML, with no templates or fields at all)

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