Bug: Manually adding membership statuses to accounts

I’ve just fixed a nasty little bug that stopped manually adding user statuses to accounts from working properly.

What’s nasty about it was that it looked like the statuses weren’t being added to the accounts and therefore nothing was happening, but what was REALLY happening was that the status was being added to the account with ID 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 instead.

That ID is both

  1. An uninitialised GUID
  2. The special id of the account used when the session is not logged in.

The practical upshot of which is that a user browsing the site who wasn’t logged in would be viewing products and prices as if they were a member.

This will only have affected you if you tried to manually add a membership status since the last update. Also note that when someone logged in to try to complete a purchase, they’d go to their normal account, and would lose the membership status, so I don’t expect anyone to have paid less than they should have done for a ticket.

An update is scheduled to run overnight tonight. We’re checking the databases and removing the extra membership statuses now. Please don’t attempt to manually add any membership statuses until the update is on.

This only affected two of our sites - and I’ve deleted all the memberships which were added to the ‘Not Logged In’ users.

At any rate, once a customer would have logged in, they would have ceased to be the ‘not logged in’ user and would have then seen the ‘proper’ price of whatever it was they were looking at, so luckily no ‘members price’ tickets would have been sold to non-members… Worst case scenario was always going to be confused customers (which obviously isn’t what we want) as opposed to , loads of people getting tickets for free when they shouldn’t have (which REALLY REALLY isn’t what we want)

The scheduled update didn’t actual fire last night. Trying again tonight.

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