Beta version

Version has been pushed to the beta channel.

New Features

  • Work in Progress - Payment by Installments. Several parts of payment by installments are in this build. What’s still missing is the ability to add payments to existing part-paid orders.

  • A “restarter” tool has been added to the Monad Client. This requests admin permissions, and restarts both the client and the RedCard service.

  • Google Tag Manager support for Analytics. We don’t currently fee in e-commerce events, so if you use e-commerce integration in Google Analytics stick with the old version for now.

  • Emailed report shortcuts can have their subject line customised.

  • Added “Charitable Year” (1st August - 31st July) to date range pickers.


  • Performance calendar dialog is now model.

  • Popup dialogs in Admin resized to fit their contents and the screen better.

  • Reservations now leave the header behind when deleted for audit / reporting purposes. Several reservation search screens updated to not show empty reservations.

Bug Fixes

  • Routing now completely ignores js and css files. If a javascript file doesn’t exist we will no longer try to load it as a folder

  • Admin breadcrumbs added for folder tags.

  • Paid deposits (a feature nobody used like a less good version of payment by installments) fixed in passing to not send reservation expiry emails for temporary reservations.

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