Beta Test of version 1.317.7.0

New Features:

  • The Vue based UI (New "Infinite Scrolling" sales display) has been enhanced and now allows us to customise folder content displays as well as folder header displays, and works with Whats On searches too.
  • A JSON feed is now available (same data as XML feed)
  • We now populate Folder ExtraData in the XML and JSON feeds.
  • There is now a “phone number type” when entering phone numbers.

Report Changes:

  • Order summary - no longer groups customer name and email together in one column
  • Order and payment detail adds discount description to items.
  • Payments by Workstation and Recipient report name corrected to “Payments by Type, Workstation and Recipient”.
  • Fixed AdvanceSalesReport for items not in a performance.
  • Fixed payment rec by date and ledger code where there are no adjustments.


  • The admin folder tree is now saved in local storage which is a SUBSTANTIAL performance improvement.
  • The admin folder tree now displays multiple special data icons. e.g. show and performance instead of just the most specific one.
  • The Queue system now works from a static page which can be hosted on a CDN and which uses AJAX to query the queue position.
  • codeREADr integration now automatically creates monad scanner users for codeREADr users
  • Indexes optimised to improve performance
  • Suppress autorenewal of cancelled memberships
  • Change payment summary code to show outstanding amount separately from previous payments
  • codeREADr database name is now configurable
  • Stopped public from always seeing review page.

Bug Fixes:

  • Records added to site map to ensure proper breadcrumbs are displayed.
  • Issue with Internet Explorer not being able to handle some javascript fixed.
  • Bug fixed where pressing the “Erase Data” button would erase ALL phone numbers in the database, not just the targeted account.
  • Bug fixed where having erased data on certain users, they all show up as potential duplicates on the merge users page and duplicate report.
  • The XML feed no longer throws missing session errors
  • Fixed Print Allocation problem - not including ItemSeatData.
  • Made scheduled update product quantities not time out.

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