Beta Test of Version 1.308.5.0

New Features:

  • Admin settings now has a “Folder Landing Page” page, which you can use to keep track of landing pages and update the target of landing pages. Previously, this could only be edited from individual folders.
  • Vue based progressive loading pages improved, themes are now more flexible.
  • Allow database setting of default tax rate by Adjustment Type
  • Added UI to reset default product delivery schemes on a folder.
  • Folders which are named after the performance date now remember the date format used, and the folder name will automatically update when the performance date is changed.
  • Improved User Alerts to included linked accounts: selecting an account now shows alterts belonging to linked accounts.
  • Added button to erase all user personal data on inactive accounts.


  • Added “Include Donation In Price” and terminology overrides for products which have opt-out donations.
  • Improved default codeREADr service settings
  • Sales reports consolidated from separate “by day” “by week” “by month” reports into a single report “over time” with configurable time period, has option to be grouped by source, discount, package, userstatus
  • Folder CTA logic improved.
  • Improved On Sale / Not On sale status handling.
  • Membership purchases that are overpaid on purpose with standing orders now repeat the donation in subsequent years.
  • Membership renewals keep the same membership code if renewed within 60 days up from 7.
  • Donation suggestions are sorted by value
  • On sale schemes which EXCLUDE people based on user statuses now work more like how you would expect them to.
  • Renamed “Simple Pricing” to “Stock Pricing”, and hid the option unless the Product Type is set to “Stock”.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug editing folder selections when the folder selection has just been created.
  • Fixed bug deleting folders containing installment schemes and products with installment schemes
  • Fixed a bug with adding Marketing lists manually to invidividual customer records within sales.
  • Fixed Ctrl+Drag on folder tree to copy folders.
  • Fixed a bug where background job execution (e.g. emailing reports) sometimes runs the same job twice.
  • Fixed Change User function to update User as well as ContextUser when it’s a self-service order.
  • Fixed User Logout to remove pending stock take records
  • Fixed “Display Duration” option not affecting the UI

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