Barcode Scanning with codeREADr

I’ve just been introduced to a barcode scanner app called codeREADr. It basically does all the things that I don’t want to have to write myself, and costs $10 / scanner / month.

It integrates with Linea Pro scanning sleds and a whole bunch of other hardware, and it allows offline store & forward scanning so you don’t stop being able to scan when the internet connection goes down.

My plan is to create an API integration with Monad, so that products with an Access Control scheme with the appropriate boxes ticked will automatically sync their barcodes with a codeREADr database.

I’m keen to get the work done, but the more people who chip in here the higher I’ll be able to prioritise it. So… any takers?

Hi Ben

You can definitely count on our support.



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As we are still not using scanning very much, so we would be unlikely to want to sign up for an ongoing subscription like this right off the bat.

Would you use scanning more if the scanning app were better? This codeREADr thing will run on stock Android / iPhone using the device camera, and will keep working even if the internet goes slow or stops… (I think! Don’t want to oversell it but it looks like it has the option to download a local whitelist)

I’ve got it to the point where you can click a button and it will create a database and service in codeREADr with the barcodes in.

The database I’m sending is a bit more than just the barcodes - I’m also sending customer data, order ref, etc in the “message” to make the scan data more useful.

Still to do:

  1. If tickets are sold after the database has been initialised in codeREADr, send the new barcodes over.
  2. If tickets are cancelled after the database has been initialised in codeREADr, send the cancellation data over.
  3. Create users for the service when the service is created
  4. Downloading the scans back into Monad for reporting (someone’s going to want this if not you!)

But it’s already a minimum viable product and the scanning using the on-device camera seems to be good and fast - much much faster than the last time I tried scanning with a mobile camera. The kind of database I create through the API syncs the whitelist down to the device initially and scans locally, and syncs scans up to the servers every 2 seconds. Which means that local scanning performance is great, and multiple scanners sync up (after ~30 seconds) to prevent the same barcode being scanned in 2 places.

Oh, yeah,

  1. Don’t hard code my API credentials in and read them from a config file instead =)

I’ve just been reminded that the subscription doesn’t have a minimum term or anything: you can have a scanner for a month and it costs you $10 and you can downgrade the next month.

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