Audience Finder Reports

I was nudged today to build the reports for Audience Finder integration, which have been on our list of things to do since 2015 (but no one was shouting for them so we did other things).

In the next build there will be 3 reports in the “System Reports” tab (which isn’t normally visible unless you have the Developer role, which anyone is welcome to but it’s where I hide the stuff that has a UI but is a bit scary unless you have some technical skills).

The idea is to create report shortcuts for those reports specifying the date range, and then those shortcuts can be used as endpoints to directly download the Audience Finder data. I’m not 100% clear yet whether they can download from us, or whether you’ll have to use their DEC to upload the data to them. But, the data is now available.

  • The reports haven’t been tested yet, so they might yet complain about the format, but it meets their spec as far as I can tell.

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