Anderson Zaks Security Certificate

This only affects sites using the Anderson Zaks payment gateway:

Anderson Zaks renewed their SSL certificate (for on 16th May as the existing certificate was approaching its expiry date. They also took the opportunity to review the security aspects of the site and upgrade the certificate to RSA 2048 (SHA 256).

One consequence of this is that certain combinations of older Operating System and Browser do not support this modern level of encryption and will no longer be able to connect to the payment pages:

  • IE11 (and older) on Win 7
  • IE11 (and older) on Win 8.1
  • IE11 (and older) on Win Phone 8.1
  • Safari 6 on iOS 6/7/10
  • Safari 8 on IOS 8/10

To get a complete rundown of the site security you can use the Qualys tool -

Anderson Zaks are required, by PCI, to maintain a reasonably high level of security. Unfortunately, this does mean that some older OS/browser combinations will get left behind.

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