Anderson Zaks Maintenance

I just got this message from Anderson Zaks. There shouldn’t be any down time, but there’s a slightly higher than normal risk of something going wrong:

Our Network provider (The Bunker) is planning to carry out some updates to the network backbone across which the RedCard Managed Service operates.

The purpose of these updates is to take advantage of new technologies while further increasing the resilience of the networks in order to deliver connectivity between Data Centres, Shared Services and the Internet.

Full operational testing has already been carried out – the only remaining task is to migrate to the new platform.

In order to migrate the RedCard service, The Bunker will have to physically move the cables which supply connectivity to our systems within their infrastructure.

It is expected that an interruption of up to 15 minutes will occur during this migration.

During this interruption, all merchant authorisation requests will get sent to our Disaster Recovery facility which is on a separate network.

However, you may notice some short delays when the network flips across to DR and again when it flips back.

At the moment we are planning to carry out this work at some point between 8pm and midnight on Tuesday 8th August.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Do you know when this will happen?

Also it won’t affect you as you use Stripe, not Anderson Zaks :slight_smile:

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