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Anderson Zaks / Contactless Payments

I’ve just been speaking to Anderson Zaks, and apparently part of SCA is a rule that after a certain number of contactless transactions, the bank should require that a card is used for Chip and PIN to verify it’s still in the possession of the cardholder.

The current version of the Anderson Zaks RCC.NET client library does not support this message, so

Some contactless transactions will show as “declined”, instead of “insert card”. If your customer’s card is declined in contactless mode, you should manually retry it by restarting the transaction and then inserting the card.

Anderson Zaks tell me that they no longer have any in-house .NET expertise, and therefore will not be supplying an updated RCC.NET file for us; instead, they will supply us with some “sample code” to interface with their service by creating CSV messages and transmitting them over TCP/IP sockets, and we will have to maintain the interface ourselves.

Therefore, in the short term you may see higher than usual declines with contactless transactions, and the short term workaround is to restart the transaction and insert the card. In the medium term we will endeavour to bring the integration up to date, and we will also be very happy to help you migrate to other payment gateways that support customer present transactions, such as Stripe Terminal and Payment Sense Connect.

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