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Anderson Zaks / Contactless card limit

Not that anyone’s selling anything, but Anderson Zaks say:


You may have seen, in the news this week, that the Card Schemes are increasing the limit on contactless payment from £30 to £45 (€50)

This change is due to take effect from April 1st

Whilst this is an unusually short time to implement such a change, we all recognise that these are exceptional times.

So, we plan to implement this change, in our Managed Service, on the evening of Tuesday 31st March.

For merchants using the Ingenico and Verifone PINPad devices the changed profile will automatically upload into their PINPad next time they restart the RedCardClient after midnight on 31st March.

Merchants using Miura devices may need to do a manual update, after that time, to pick up the change.

This change is a global update and will be applied to all of our profiles.

If you have any questions or need more information, please email



so when you do reopen - don’t be surprised when people can make contactless payments up to £45

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