Amending Orders

I just bought some stuff from and I noticed that they had the facility for the public to amend their own orders up to 30 minutes after they’d been placed.

The way it worked was that the order was cancelled, the account credited by the value of the items, and the items returned to the basket to be modified.

This is exactly how exchanges work in Monad… which made me think, we could do that.

Would there be any interest in allowing people to cancel their orders for account credit (not real money back, obviously!) for a limited period after the order? How often do you get calls in the box office saying “I just placed an order less than 30 minutes ago and now I need to change it - I want 3 seats together instead of the 2 I ordered” or “I booked the wrong night can you switch me to Thursday”? Is this a problem that needs fixing, or is it rare enough that it’s not worth worrying about?

  • Yes, we’d find it useful for customers to be able to edit their own orders for a limited period
  • No, our customers get it right first time or, failing that, don’t notice until it’s too late.

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So we’re much more of the second one, that they don’t notice until it’s too late, My worry with this would be when we have shows that go on sale that sell out very quickly, offering this might complicate these order. I can see how it works for Photobox that they products they are ordering are unique to that customer, whereas Tickets are not unique to a customer and could be desired by multiple customers.

In these cases where a mistake has been made, it’s often easier for our box office to rectify this, rather than trying to have the customer do it.

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