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Account balance donation feature

On the Credit Account page, if the customer’s balance is positive, we now display a “Donate” button:

which takes you to a new page (which will be available to the public for self-service, unlike the Credit Account pages) for donating some or all of your account balance:

which is one simple click away from making the donation:

Need to work on the wording and polish the UI but the functionality is there.

This will be rolled out to everyone over the next few days, please contact support if you would like to test it sooner.

I need some help with the default text for “Please consider donating some or all of the money held on account.”

Obviously the actual wording will have to be configurable per site, but I want some default text that will work for most people if they don’t want to change it.

The current text is a bit terse, I think, but every time I start writing a replacement I end up with something really wordy, like

“When tickets are cancelled, if the value is not refunded straight away it is credited to your account. You can spend your account credit on new tickets - either online or through the box office, and you can request a refund of your account balance (if box office policies allow) but it would help us greatly if you would donate some or all of your balance to the venue to help us through these difficult times”.

Which I don’t like at all, but I can’t seem to write anything better. Answers on a postcard please.

I also need “Thank you” text to display when they do make a donation, which currently just reads “Thank you for your donation.”

Now with added Gift Aid Declaration!

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