Release of version

  • A “Sales for Promoter” report has been added, which uses the current user Id to select shows with that user set as the promoter, so that promoters can log in and see sales figures for all their shows. This report can be scheduled for e.g. all users with the Promoter role, and if a report has a “CurrentUserId” parameter it is executed once for each recipient and emailed separately, rather than having the same report emailed to all the recipients.

  • Urls changed to be more consistent - always lower case and never with a trailing / - to make analytics easier to read.

  • Google Analytics Ecommerce tags were broken on all sites except the test site. They now work properly.

  • Admin Permissions tidied up. You can now log into Admin with no permisions at all, you just can’t see anything (required for promoter reports)

  • The Admin home page now includes all your report shortcuts as well as your dashboard, and this works even if you are logged in as a user without Report (or Admin) permissions (required for promoter reports)

  • Control of whether a new session goes into customer present mode by default improved

  • Custom form setup page improved. If you create a custom form by accident you can now remove it!

  • System notifications setup page improved.

  • POS theme improved

  • Added a report listing all user statues expiring in a date range, with renewal details and whether they have been renewed yet or not.

  • Added a sortorder to the Marketing Export reports, and fixed a bug in the most basic report.

  • Made WorkstationId in the ItemDeliveryQueue table accept nulls, so that you can use the Batch Print process to batch delivery emails when no workstation is selected

  • Set the renewal data in the UserStatus table based on the original order, where possible.

  • Added FolderNameFormat column to FolderPerformanceData table, so that when a folder is named based on a date, and the date is changed, the folder name can be updated automatically. This is just the database change: the code is not yet implemented.