Coming up in the next version

  • The “Orders” button on the Folder Browse page that’s supposed to take you to the order search with the order pre-selected is working again.
  • The special product controls that are used when there’s a limit of at most 1 item (so that it just says “Add to basket” instead of offering a quantity) now works if you have multiple discounts available
  • Discount schemes will be able to selectively create discounts by price band and allocation.
  • Some reports have been updated to specify whether the date range parameter is Order Date or Event Date
  • The History Overview page is now more readable and more useful
  • Marketing charts for top genres and shows by marketing list now work properly.
  • The access control detail report now includes products that are not directly in the performance folder
  • Fixed an infinite loop that occurred when you tried to complete a package that had no rules
  • Dragging products in Admin no longer loses product setup configuration for memberships and similar
  • More pages added to the sitemap for breadcrumbs support
  • Membership renewal now preserves the old membership code for the new membership
  • Membership renewal now creates a complete new order for the renewal for financial recording purposes.
  • Searching for customers improved; handling of @ signed in email addresses improved.
  • Merge customers now shows more helpful messages if something goes wrong.
  • Merge customers now works - the previous problem was caused by additional logging code failing to build the log message…
  • Order search form improved again.
  • New report: Payment Reconciliation by Date and Ledger Code